What you'll learn

  • Python
  • Open CV
  • Deep learning
  • Hyper parameter tuning

Why Learn Computer Vision Masters At iNeuron?

Learn Computer Vision at Ineuron in order to gain technical skills which will enable the candidate to learn the paradigms of visual computing and apply them in solving vision automated problems like object detection, image classification, and segmentation, etc, using various Deep Learning libraries.

  • Students:1400+
  • Duration:6 months
  • Major Projects:20
  • Minor Projects:10
  • Mode:Online
  • Job Assistence:100%
  • Certificate:Yes
  • Mock Interviews:Yes

Course Curriculum

Foundation Building

Python 1 Basics and Fundamentals

Python 2 Data Structures

Python 3 OOPS

Python 4 File handling and Numpy

OpenCV1 – Basics

OpenCV2 – Advanced Functions

OpenCV3 – Working with the Camera and Video

OpenCV Project

Deep Learning

Neural Networks – Introduction

Neural Networks 2 – Forward Pass & Backpropagation

Classification Model MNIST

Kernels, Channels and Receptive Field

Batch Normalization and Regularization

Kernel Visualization and Channel Visualization

Second Classification Model – Fashion MNIST

Advanced Convolutions – Dilated and Transposed

Different CNN Architectures Region Proposals RCNN, Faster RCNN and FAST RCNN

Project for Image Classification in real time

YOLO. Why YOLO for Object Detection?

YOLO 2 – Implementation

Different CNN Architectures- Alexnet , VGG16,19 and Mobilenet

Resnet, Inception and Densenet

Tensorflow Object Detection

Project : – Helmet detection



Hyperparameters Tuning

Attention Mechanisms Encoder Decoder

Project : – Face Recognition using Facenet

Object Tracking and Classification

Image Captioning CNN_RNN Model

Project : – Neural Style Transfer



Project : – Object Detection project

Project : – Introduction and Implementation of Edge devices like Raspberry Pi ,Google Coral and Nvidia Jetson Nano

Project : – Implementation of Deep learning models into Android devices

Implementation of Deep learning vision based system with TFLITE and TFJS

Project : – Deep learning vision based Surveillance system

Project :- Deep learning based Chatbot with Sentiment analysis Azure cloud Integeration


POS Tagging in NLP

Chunking in NLP

Worknet in NLP

Text classification in NLP

Sentiment analysis in NLP

Twitter sentiment analysis in NLP

Acoustic model in Speech Recognition

Bert Algorithm

Speech to Text conversion algorithm in NLP


  • Deployment in ML dev0ps pipeline Autonomous vehicle
  • Helmet detection
  • 0bject identification 0bject tracking
  • 0bject classification
  • Tensorflow object Detection Image to Text processing Speech to Text analysis

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Start Date : 28th Mar 2020

Sat & Sun: 10.00 AM - 12.00 PM

Thu(Doubt Clearing): 10.00 PM - 12.00 AM

Computer Vision Masters from iNeuron

Complete your Computer vision program at iNeuron and get your certificate.

  • 6 Months live session training
  • Placement Assistance
  • 3 Months in-house internship

Our Features

6 Months Classroom Training

Once on-board our candidates will go through an intense classroom training session of 3 months conducted by our best team of experienced senior data scientists, who will provide all conceptual knowledge in an innovative as well as an interactive manner.

Career Counselling

After successful completion of our course, we train our candidates via mock interviews, personal interviews, and group discussions as well as provide them with professional mentoring and help them build an attractive resume which will enable them to fetch a lucrative job.

3 Months Of In-House Projects

What makes us different from other training institutes is that we are also into product development and that enables us to provide hands-on experience to our candidates to contribute in live projects, which will result in a deeper understanding of the course with industry-level knowledge.

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